We specialise in Django, Python & Javascript frameworks such as: jQuery; Backbone.js & Meteor.js — seamlessly deploying to Cloud based services.

  • Our people — your team

    Finding tech talent is hard. We supply specialist skills at-the-ready to scale to the demands of your project.

  • We make you better

    Learning never stops. We know how to build excellent, architected, robust and scalable applications. We impart this knowledge to improve you, your application and your team through training and consulting services.

  • We manage your project

    So you don't have to. We will help you through all stages of the application build process to conceptualise, design and develop and support your website or mobile application.

Technologies we play nice with

  • Back end magic with Django/Python
  • Front end magic with jQuery/Backbone.js (and new breed client side MVC frameworks)
  • Beautiful standards compliant interfaces with HTML5/CSS/SASS
  • Scalable, stable deployment with Puppet/Fabric
  • Continuous Integration (CI) & testing with Lettuce/Selenium/Jenkins (and more)

We combine these skills, and others (so please ask), to craft considered 'production-ready' applications and solutions to real business problems.



Our expertise spans many domains, including these impressive fellows.



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